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Snow in Milan, Italy!

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It was a year end surprise! Milan woke up coated with dense fresh snow. It started snowing late sunday night until Monday morning. At least 10 to 15 cm. of snow covered the city.

After 4 days of hard lockdown (Zona Rossa) at christmastime, Dec.28 is declared Zona Arancione, it is a semi lockdown until Dec.30. Milanese can move around in their community ( zona commune) and shops are open. Few families and photographers were early at the Piazza Duomo this morning to enjoy the view of this rare snowfall.

Based on the weather forecast, emergency plans were already prepared especially for the train schedules, traffics and cleaning of the city. It snowed not only in Milan but also to the whole region of Lombardy.

Snow in Milan!
The Sforzesco Castle in Milan

Every winter has it’s spring! (H.Tuttle) I wish you a happy, healthy New Year! …..mymelodia