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How is Italy planning to open after the lockdown on May 4?

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Italy is one of the worst hit european country of the corona virus pandemic, with 183,957 confirmed cases and 24,648 deaths as of this date. Although, the latest statistics of the curve is going down, the government is still in strict application of the enforced quarantine. The region of Lombardy, which has the highest number of victims, is still in total lockdown as of this date, but other regions of Italy are already easing up quarantine rules.

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, posted in his social media this Tuesday, about the plan of the reopening called Phase 2 After Covid19. A plan that will probably start after May 4, the last day of the total lockdown. He stated that the government is continuously studying the measures needed to prevent future contagion of the virus.


Minister Conte stated that it will be a slow and precise reopening with new restrictions especially for people who are returning to work. There will be a national program to be followed, although each region has its own mode of regulating their system or structures. The number of cases, death and recoveries of each region are to be considered as well as the ready infrastructures and technolgy of each zone.

After this easter, some businesses connected to food production, pharmaceuticals, mechanical related production, book and office supplies stores were already authorized to open as long as they can secure the safety of the workers.

For other business sectors, it will be a gradual opening and in any case, social distancing is always obligatory. For offices, the smartworking or working at home method is still recommended. The Malls and supermarkets should follow the strict measures of social distancing and entrance of small groups of clients.

Cinemas, theaters, bars and restaurants are the last in the list to open, but eventually, gradual opening of this sector depends on how much they can control the social distancing, avoidance of crowds and the arrangments of tables of the restaurants. The beauty salons, health centers and fitness gyms will be required to accept customers by appointment or one client at a time.

Meanwhile, the Italian Minister of Education Lucia Azzolina, just confirmed that schools are closed until September of this year.


Milan, still and silent, resilient at this moment. How this pandemic affected your beautiful city. And patiently waiting, together with your people,
conquer these hard times.
Prayers for Italy.