your guide to Milan, Italy


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In the center of Milan, you will find a grand medieval castle called The Castello Sforzesco.  It was constructed in the 14th century and served as a military fortress to expand the italian territories towards Europe.  In this castle lived Dukes Sforza and Visconti. Over the years, the castle became a museum and from 1986 it has a vast collection of arts, sculptures and archeological artifacts.  Leonardo da Vinci, in fact, when he was in Milan, painted the ceiling of the Duke’s room called the “Sala delle Asse” (or Tower Room). This affresco is very particular because it is designed with knots of thick intertwined branches  covered with Edera leaves.  In this castle , there’s also a museum of Michaelangelo’s “THE PIETA RONDANINI” , this is his last sculpture before he died. This masterpiece although not completed, was acquired and kept by the Marchese Rondanini and kept it in his castle.  The Castello Sforzesco has a library which conserve an important opera of Leonardo da Vinci  “THE TRIVULZIAN CODE”

Just like any other castle, it  is surrounded by a moat.  Cannonballs used by the italian military are still intact and displayed in the moat.  The Duke’s courtyard is found in the northern area of the castle and the Rocchetta military courtyard on the left.

Next to the Duomo Cathedral , the Castello Sforzesco is the best place to visit for it’s granduer.  It is located in Piazza Cairoli, and its a walking distance from the Piazza del Duomo.


Fotos are all mine, taken very recently, during these beautiful sunny autumn days in Milan….mymelodia. 15Nov2015